Century Home Inspections

Century Home InspectionsSometimes certain types of properties, or certain aspects of properties, require special attention. Beyond doing a thorough job examining typical homes, Ryan specializes in the inspection of century homes.

Century Homes

While charming and beautiful to behold, century homes bring with them special considerations that you need to understand before you make your purchase. As a century and a half home owner, Ryan recognizes some of these details. He can help you identify and explain the existence of some of the common occurrences you need to consider before the purchase of your potential home, including:

  • stone or brick foundations
  • double-bricked exterior walls
  • spalling brick
  • knob and tube wiring
  • lathe and plaster interior wall coverings
  • galvanized plumbing
  • cast iron plumbing
  • slate rooves
  • settling foundations and structural issues – causing sloping floors and other structural issues
  • old chimneys/fireplaces

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