Common Crawl-Space Issues

Crawlspace inspectionsSometimes certain types of properties, or certain aspects of properties, require special attention. Beyond doing a thorough job examining typical homes, Ryan specializes in the inspection of crawlspaces.


While not common in the London area, there are communities where it feels like every home has a crawlspace! Ryan does his best to get into the crawlspace and have a thorough look – although some areas may not be accessible. Often overlooked and not maintained properly, because they are beneath the home and difficult or not appealing to enter, they can present many issues, including:

  • full or partial inaccessibility, making it impossible to investigate the structure of the home properly
  • insufficient ventilation
  • non-existent insulation
  • no vapour barrier over earthen floors
  • drainage and moisture issues – i.e. water entering the crawlspace; rotting beams, sill plates, and floor joists; mould growth, etc.
  • septic issues – i.e. old, galvanized or cast piping (leaking sewer pipes, etc.)
  • support issues – i.e. inadequate columns and posts
  • old, possibly contaminated well located in crawlspace

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