Energy Assessment Inspections

Energy AuditsEnergy Assessments, offering rebates for upgrades completed, are again available – although you must be a current customer of EnerCare Home Services (formerly Direct Energy) or Union Gas to be eligible.

Grants are available for upgrading insulation amounts, windows, doors, high-efficiency furnaces, on-demand water heaters, and air sealing. The upgrades must increase the energy efficiency and natural gas savings for your home by pre-determined standards set by EnerCare.

We can help determine if you qualify, so give us a call today!

The Weatherization Program is also available through Union Gas for low-income homeowners or tenants who heat with natural gas. Once your qualification has been established and an initial audit completed, you may qualify for free upgrades to your home to help reduce your monthly energy bill. Upgrades include:

  • attic, wall, or basement insulation
  • showerhead; kitchen and/or bathroom aerator(s)
  • programmable thermostat
  • draft-proofing
  • pipe-wrapping

There is no cost to the applicant, not even for the two audits you must have completed! Many seniors have been able to take advantage of this government-initiated incentive. Call us for more information.

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